[11/7/2019] Explanation of Inactivity and Updates!

Hello everyone,

Before I begin I just want to thank you all for your patience especially my COO, @Haze for handling sales in my absence and maintaining the site. The past couple weeks I’ve been battling anxiety and depression. I’ve been having issues managing my anger as well due to my very short temper and while I won’t go deep into my personal problems particularly, I wanted to at least give you guys an explanation and admit that the main reason for me going incognito was due to the lack of progress that I’ve been seeing in my life and the lack of progress with RC-M.

Rather than taking these problems out on my customers and potential future clients, I decided to go in hibernation mode and take a break from it all as having to deal with all of your issues and requests would’ve only brought me more stress, frustration, and disappointment with myself which I felt would’ve affected my ability to think clearly and further progress the cheat.

I’ve been working my very hardest to push out new updates but it just seems everytime I try to do something new or I’ve made progress some obstacle comes in the way that holds me back. This brings me a great state of depression as I honestly invest hours into programming and reverse engineering so whenever I encounter a problem during development, it really is a slap in the face. I feel as If I’m disappointing my customers with each failure and it makes me question if I’ll ever be closer to my vision for RC-M and delivering all of the features I promised.

Nevertheless, I triumphed and pushed on despite my doubts. I’ve eliminated most of the issues that I’ve encountered while developing new features for the cheat. Some of these problems included everything from crashing, roblox shutting down, or the new library causing the client to halt and remain unresponsive. Last week I was planning on releasing an update so that you guys can try a demo and report any feedback to me but due to the very unstable state of the internal library for RC-M, I had to delay it again as I did not want anyone experiencing any blue screens or significant crashes.

While the issues seem to be less frequent, I can’t guarantee that this current version of RC-M will be stable across all platforms though I’ve been able to eliminate the disconnection and crashing issues for the most part. Until these issues have completely diminished unfortunately I must keep debugging and trying to fix them before I can further progress the cheat. It’s a bit difficult as the issues are kind of 50/50. They are not frequent and sometimes can just occur out of the blue without explanation which makes them hard to track and fix.

For now, since I’ve been able to achieve a certain level of stability; I’ve written a Noclip fly hack entirely in C++ using the Roblox PropertyDescriptor class that I’ve reverse engineered which allows RC-M to basically read roblox values entirely using C++ similar to how a script would. The demo allows you to set a hotkey for enabling and disabling fly mode as well as hotkeys for increasing and decreasing your fly speed.

I hope you all can provide me with some constructive criticism with this demo and let me know what kind of issues you encounter so I can try to address them in the final release. Overtime I will keep improving this library so that you can do things like enable lagswitch or use your aimlock key to freeze players whenever you’re aiming at them so that RC-M can basically hit players accurately despite prediction. I do also plan to re-implement Teleport as well as adding Wall detection capabilities, Health check, And support for games that nil your Character such as Bad business and much more! This update will also fix RC-M for Windows 7.

In the meantime, if you’d like to try the demo you may do so in #rc-m-premium as I’ve added a link for you all to download. If you have any troubles downloading the demo, encounter any bugs, or have any features to suggest, please notify me by replying to this thread. I Thank you all very much for your patience once again! I look forward to pushing out more updates for the cheat and making RC-M the best universal aimbot there is and ensuring all of my customers are satisfied! Thanks for reading :raised_hands: and sticking with me my loyal customers and dearest supporters :heartbeat:


The fly works great on PF but jailbreak will teleport you back at a certain speed so kinda useless currently on that specific game.

No-clip doesn’t seem to work at least not on jailbreak or PF (only two games I tested)

The fly seems awesome though and definitely excited for anything else you unveil although I wont be able to pay for that monthly so mainly just excited for the wall detection since you said you’d be adding that to the standard RC-M users.


Don’t worry I’m not sure if I’ll do the monthly thing still as I’m going through cyber security school which should fulfill my financial needs. If I’m able to secure a nice paying job. I can just keep pushing awesome updates for RC-M without the need for subscriptions. Yeah noclip doesn’t work on all games I’m still looking into that. And the teleport issue with the fly is due to the fact some games have speed detection on the server. There’s no workaround for now except to lower your speed but I’ll keep looking into it. Thanks for the feedback bud! :slight_smile:


Please stay strong because we are all here for you and support you throughout everything, I am sorry for what your going through but overall we love your cheat and support you for who you are. :love_letter::heartbeat::heart::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heart_decoration::brown_heart::sparkling_heart::two_hearts::yellow_heart::white_heart:


Thank you so much bro. That really means a lot! :revolving_hearts::crossed_fingers:


np its just hard to see you like that, hope your doing well :slight_smile:


There’s nothing more important than your own mental health. Please keep yourself safe and hope you feel better :heart:


we all hope you get better take the time you need we already have the best aimbot on roblox thats smart which was only done by you feel better and everyone understands thanks for supporting us


Glad you’re back Jordan! I think I can say that we’re all glad that you’re doing ok now, depression is a bitch to fight against from my personal experience. :heart:


Glad to see you back dude! I hope you are successful in school. The new demo is sick :smile:


It’s all good bro, CheatBuddys RC-M is one of the best aimbots out there. The only reason why more people aren’t buying is because they dont know what RC-M is. I’ve asked many people but all of them dont know what it is. If you want I can try to advertise RC-M for you.

Personally, I never thought a third party aimbot, or even a third person aimbot could be made but you put your hours into it and you made it happen.


Happy to see you back, buddy.
Never let go off of your dreams bro, just take care of your health and you’ll be happy.


jordan I just have to say something, you aren’t upsetting us as buyers, me and many others appreciate your hard work and we understand why updates have been lacking. rc-m is an amazing cheat and you’re a great scripter. seeing you having to battle depression and anxiety also makes me sad. take care of yourself and if you need more time off we understand and will not mind. with that out of the way, the fly works really well. the only game I encountered where it didn’t work was booga booga which kicks you instantly upon injecting. I also noticed that sometimes the noclip won’t work and on some games the noclip only works when you’re flying. on arsenal for example the noclip stays all the time. either way the new demo is great. this isn’t really related to the demo, but I think you should add an option to choose where you want the esp to be drawn and which body parts are inside. the reason for this is so that we can fix games that set .Character to nil easily by just using workspace. on bad business for example, we could get the characters and get the body parts for each character so we can use the cheat. I think this would be a great feature and it causes less stress since we can make fixes ourself and show other people how they made that fix. either way i’m super excited for the future of rc-m, take care jordan :smile:


Everyone, I’ve been reading each of your messages and I’m so fortunate to know you guys have my back and actually care about my wellbeing than just the exploit itself. You guys have no idea how much it means to me! I’ve been reading all of your suggestions and feedback closely and will be attempting to fix and or implement them into later versions. Thanks a lot guys! Y’all are awesome for being so kind and understanding! :revolving_hearts:


I love you don’t give up


Take the breaks you need. You deserve it!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



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I thought you have given up on us, thank you for coming back dad

i hate you