4 days of rcm being patched, worth 10 bucks

Just update, we need rcm asap.

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you dont NEED rcm, you want rcm. go out and live a life you 10 year old lego cunt


Nobody’s laughing. Your comments are so pathetic and hypocritical. Please stop being a retard.

As for you @lilbwae you really don’t need RC-M and you’re able to wait. It’s frustrating but it’s not hard. If you really can’t play without RCM, take a break lol. It’d help your eyes to relax since I’m sure you all sweat this game even with cheats.


Just wait patiently. RCM is already a one-time purchase. you paid 10 bucks a single time for a lifetime use of the cheat. your statement would be correct if it was a monthly subscription which it’s not.

CB has a life and it’d be great if you would grow some patience.

much love

I can see your point. You have no life and not using RC-M must suck for you buddy. However as everybody else has said over 1000 times. CHEATBUDDY HAS A LIFE!!! and does not have time to update your lego hack so you can aimbot kids on th3lt.


no update it everytime idgaf

no lol i have some tournaments to play on this week

lil stupid i already have rcm dumb fuck

Ur so trash at the game you need RCM to win tourneys. I use RCM for esp only btw so don’t bother trying to call me a hypocrite. Your aim is so bad you can’t play without cheats. Clown, stfu. You can wait.

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ur bad kid

Mate have you tried just getting good at the game?
I only use RCM for the ESP on casual games so that I can get some quick credits on CB
I have good aim but I have below-average reaction time.
Just let the man live his life. You only paid 10$

Nah already made 570 dollars out of it so idgaf head ass loser.

LMAOO UR CHEATING TOO STUPID HEAD ASS RETARD. Lil stupid kid get good at the game first before saying shit retard

no one givess a fuckk i want to play money from tournaments lil stupid

I can live without ESP. My awareness isn’t that good so I use it. But I can play without it and I can win tourneys without it. Nobody cares how much you’ve made off playing roblox. $570 is nothing, I made $600 a week when I was fucking 14 working at retail stores. Your whole life has amounted to $570 earned off ROBLOX. Nice work!! Being toxic doesn’t make you any less of a retard.

Dude just be patient. He’s probably dealing with some real life situations right now. It’s not that hard to wait.


Just noticed I made him delete his comment saying he makes $570. Clown