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A great RC-M alternative

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I mean this is a good aimbot, but there is still some options that needed to be work on for example wall visibility.

Trash aimbot, wouldnt touch it until they actually learn how to code.

You haven’t tried it, you have no say. The only thing its missing now is Wall check and Triggerbot which are planned to release soon. When that happens, it’ll be the best external aimbot in the market, even better than RC-M.

I have tried it, you sound dumb asf. The coders dont know how to code for shit. Roblox is a simple game with nearly no anticheat and they still cant make a decent cheat. “I havent tried it” Lmfao who df are you saying i havent tried.

If they didn’t know how to code, dx9 would be non existent. RC-M didn’t come out with visibility check. Since you’ve tried, tell me what makes it a bad cheat then. :v:

is rcm back up?

Nope, unfortunately. I doubt he’ll come back, the same thing happened to RC7.

dx9 is a genuinely good aimbot

Add fucking wallcheck, then it’ll be a “good alternative”