99.9% sure it's not discontinued

For the people saying “it’s discontinued” , don’t you think Jordan would at least say something about it if it was, he was online 3 days ago, I have never seen a cheat developer who doesn’t tell their buyers it’s “discontinued” lol. And even if it was being “discontinued”, Jordan would probably hand the cheat to someone else later on to work on it instead of straight up discontinuing

ok retard you obviously cant read the terms of service

u dumb asf

ur the retard lolol you legit think jordan would make 20k off the cheat then be like nah imma discontinue it without saying a word

yeah doing the same thing over and over again can in fact, believe it or not, be really fucking stupid.
im sure he would like to go do something else with his life

ur both retarded stop talking dumb kids

yeah and i’m sure if he were to do something with his life he isn’t a bum who can’t type for 5 seconds and say it’s discontinued

do you even know what you’re talking about anymore?

ik im gay and im proud come out of the closet satty :wink: