Add a forum section specifically for aimbot settings and configuration

As a user, I would really like a forum section ONLY for aimbot settings and configurations. Because right now you have to press the search button and scan for the aimbot settings of your games and as of the new update (the accuracy update) many of the previous settings don’t work anymore.

I would like to see a section for aimbot settings only, there’s thousands of ways to make aimbot settings and I think that it will encourage people to share their settings more.

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the settings would be different for some people and its fast to configure settings anyway

I still think it would be good to have this section because for me, I keep tinkering with the settings but I’m still missing the players and it’s not OP enough. Would like a place to share settings there’s probably users who have trouble like me who would really like this section. I keep seeing other people asking for settings too so I know it’s not just me that would like a section like this.

what game are you trying to do this on?
also this should help

I agree we do need a section only for aimbot settings even after all these posts and videos about the settings this can still be hard and confusing for some people that includes me rbxlvlhacks don’t even bring up the topic of my PC fps dropping to 10 -_-

you should really stop playing roblox if you get 10-60 fps randomly just get a better PC also we didnt need this you could either read how to use it or play with it and see how it works my config took seconds to make