Any alternatives

so guys i had to quit my clans because rcm shut down and i cried because i like clans and i wanted to be in vaktovia so i need scripts now like undetectable aimbot so i can rejoin because rcm really helped me and i need hacks so i can get godo again

don’t cry and it’s not confirmed RCM "shut down’, but I’ll message you an alternative

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message me 2

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message me too pls

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please message me as well; willing to pay

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message me as well please, and is it external

not yet but there planning to soon

please message me too

message me one too

There are are a few alternatives. Here are a few:

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Message me as well

lol gonna give in. Please message the alternative to me as well

Me too

x11 isn’t public, and I haven’t ever seen it open for purchase. Not rlly viable for people wanting to replace rcm.

dx9ware isnt even recording proof so idk why you would add that lmao

The alternative you messaged me isnt recording proof …

it is lmfao, use it with obs game capture

recording proof wasn’t a requirement…? dx9-ware is a good legit aimbot and does bypass vaktovia’s anticheat as well as futuretops.

It’s external like RC-M/x11, It has a preety cool loader, also has never been detected, you cannot detect external exploits.

Example of recording with dx9ware using OBS: