Best Island royale streaming settings

Good Island royale settings for streaming:

Esp:3D box
Crosshair: off
Distance: on
Draw distance: auto
Lines END

Aimbot: L Ctrl
Aimlock: Mouse2
Free for all: off
Aim by: distance 0m
Smoothness: 6.00
FOV: 700
Prediction: 0.35
Recoil Control: -0.00
Bullet Drop: 0
Sensitivity: 45
Crosshair X: 16
Crosshair Y: 1

Just make ur streaming software only record RobloxPlayerBeta.exe, then it wont pickup on ur cheats cuz they use Direct X (u can set anything to whatever u want). Also maybe have higher smoothness so it looks a bit more legit (less shaky).

Hey I’ve changed the settings up a bit and they’re even better less shaky and more accurate

anyone got some new settings that seem legit for streaming

Hey I’m gonna install the new update tomorrow and see what I can’ do for you :slight_smile:

Ok thank you

just saying that if you have the FOV at 700 then its gonna cover the entire screen

if youre in squads its gonna flick between each target

True I’ll make them better so they’re accurate and also not obvious

send me some good settings

did u edit it cuz i want shaky rcm look at spizzik montages and give me like those rcm settings

can you make new ones plsz