Buyers feedback

I would like to see an improvement for buying RCM, after sending an invite to join the group you normaly wait 24-48 hours. Add steps in between, so the buyers know the message had been read etc…

You need to understand they have a team of 3 staff members and 1 moderator, for the amount of people they have right now they are doing amazing. You’ll get the product soon after sending a request, two days of waiting isn’t going to kill you.

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The waiting time isn’t a problem, dont get me wrong. The only thing I am implying is making the whole buying system a bit more uncluttered.

Uncluttered? You send the request and recieve a message on how to purchase, after you send evidence of purchasing you are given instructions on how to download it.

I don’t see how that is cluttered at all, you’ll be given a notification whenever messaged.

True its nothing hard fam .-.

I don’t see the need to be rude, he simply means a automated way of doing so, in which it will be easier for the current staff alongside the buyers. You don’t need to be an ass

None of that could really be considered “rude”.

Its good, one all features are fixed will be perfect :3