CB sued?

Now that I think about it what if cheatbuddy got sued and hes not allowed to speak on the topic for some reason? I feel haze is going to takeover rc-m because the site went down yesterday and people have that theory of haze putting it back up, so possible ownership (haze role went up).

But cheatbuddy if you saw his replies to people before he left he did seem like he lost alot of interest in this community, there was so much kids begging for BS and no matter how much patience and time he had he still took the time to reply to them, miss you CB -Kris

i like cock

same. cock good

See this is what i’ve been saying all along, but no one ever believes me when i say it! Its so injust. This world is cruel.

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ehh I would believe it but why are there still other major exploits like synapse still around. why would they single out rcm like that lol

rc-m owner cb talked in his vids, 3ds hid his identity well

meed city is a robloxgame