Cheap aimbot (as good as rcm)

If you guys are looking for a new aimbot/esp I seriously recommend dx9ware. It works well on all games including FPS and TPS games, such as phantom forces, strucid, futuretops, and clanning games! This is a good replacement for RC-M as it most likely will no longer be updated. The price is also very cheap, 5 dollars. The creator of the cheat actively engages with the community, asks for their opinions and update frequently. LINK TO THE CHEAT

Can vouch I have switched to this its VALID

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site is being reformed ill send link when new site is up

pretty decent cheat, had a few issues with it but currently does not work with futuretops

however i would recommend this cheat as a replacement for RC-M

dx9 has decent aimbot customization and good esp. But no wallcheck really hurts it. Iā€™d honestly say invest in dx9 and wait for it to add wallcheck before using it for legit cheating.