Cheat Buddy Come Back?

What we need as a community is to blow up a post and when CheatBuddy check’s on the forums ( because he has been spotted a few time ) he can see how many people want him back and want RCM to be updated

It might work it might not
:point_down: :point_down: :point_down: :point_down: :point_down:

Lets bring him back <3 and give him motavation!


I mean I want RC-M back as much as anyone else but I think he would know from all of the front page posts asking for him to come back. At this point I think he knows, I think he just isn’t motivated to continue this. He’s had a lot of issues with RC-M and PayPal and honestly if I were in his shoes I’d probably just give up too. I do think if that’s the case he should at least say so but maybe he thinks there will be too much negative feedback? I don’t want to make excuses for him and that’s a problem that we as clients need to fill in the blanks on our own. At this point all we can do is wait, but he hasn’t said anything in month and I think at this point it’s best to just say goodbye and move onto a different exploit. If nothing else his lack of communication should be enough for us to leave, the only problem is that there isn’t many other cheats out there let alone any that are of this quality. Only time will tell.

I dont want RCM to come back, you and this post are stupid.

ooo cool guy

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shut the fuck up