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Frequently Asked Questions
Listed below are categories to questions customers ask us frequently.
If you can’t find the answer to a question you have or you would like to know more details, please feel free to contact us.
Cheat Questions

What is RC-M?

RC-M is a C++ MOD MENU/ MULTI-HACK created using DIRECTX 9.0c & Windows API for ROBLOX.
RC-M is intended for first person shooter games on ROBLOX.
However, this does not mean that it is not compatible with other games. If you already own RC-M, you can create a config request for a game of your choice in the config section. If you can’t find a config for your game, take a look through the config section (Available only to clients). The community is constantly contributing configs so don’t hesitate to share your own configs and request configs for other games!

What Operating System is supported?

Windows%2010 & Windows 7

How long does it take to be Updated?

Quality-assurance is always our key priority, we try to update within a couple hours of a patch release.
We occasionally take this time to spice up the client experience with new features as the update is released.
Variable factors do effect update times, please keep in consideration that notifying a developer will not
expedit the process of updating as we are already aware of the patch, patience is a virtue.

How much does RC-M cost and how do I buy it?

We’re glad you ask this question, we offer RC-M for $10 in 3 different payment methods. We ask you first watch the tutorial before asking questions in regards to how to purchase. This video outlines the step by step process, you can take to purchasing this product.
Once you have completed the tutorial steps and have submit your payment method, you will be messaged with detailed instructions and requirements you have to go through in order to purchase.

Payment Methods
payment meth
Current Sellers
We ask in order to protect your money, to understand that there are only two sellers of this product.
Impersonators are only trying to steal your money, only purchase via this forum through the dedicated process.
Patience is a virtue, it can take up to 24 - 48 hours for a response. Spamming us through PMs or creating a topic about it will not expedit the process.

How will I receive my copy of RC-M after I’ve purchased?

Once you have sent in your payment method and have sent the currency form in which you are using to buy.
Upon reception of the money, you will be sent a handy list of instructions that will guide you on how to register your license and download your software.

Please make sure you are using proper information that you remember for your whitelist, not using a valid email address is not our responsibility if you cannot access your account.


List of common fixes

⌘ The program can’t start because d3dx9_43.dll is missing from your computer?

⌘ How do I navigate through the menu?

Use the arrow keys in order to navigate through the menu.
Here is also a config wiki if you wish to learn more about what each setting does. Visit Wiki

⌘ Why am I lagging while using RC-M?

Lower the FPS on the RC-M menu.

⌘ Why isn’t RC-M appearing when I open it?

If a command prompt window doesn’t appear follow these steps:
1. Delete RC-M completely
2. Install x86 and x64 (Link)
3. Restart your PC
4. Re-download RC-M
5. Clear your Temp folder (Press Windows Key + R and type in: %temp%)
6. Try again

⌘ Unable to load cheatlib.dll?

Turn off Windows Defender’s Real Time Protection and Cloud Protection.
If the issue still persists make sure to redownload RC-M from the download page and make sure to put cheatlib.dll in the same folder RC-M is located.
Forum Questions

What is this forum?

This is a civilized place for public discussion, in this forum, you can freely discuss topics such as gaming, music, exploiting, programming, etc.
Staff Team:
Founder & Main Developer - @CheatBuddy
Lead Manager - @Haze
Public Relations: @Clarity

How do I become a staff member?

Currently, the only way to become a part of our staff is via recommendation or staff applications. We’ll update you whenever we have any positions open.