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Frequently Asked Questions


Listed below are categories to questions customers ask us frequently.
If you can’t find the answer to a question you have or you would like to know more details, please feel free to contact us.
Cheat Questions


What is RC-M?

RC-M is a C++ MOD MENU/ MULTI-HACK created using DIRECTX 9.0c & Windows API

What are the System Requirements in order to use the Software?

Windows 7 Support is being added in the near future.

How long does it take to be Updated?

We usually try to update within a couple hours after our products have been patched.
We occasionally release multiple updates when adding new features.

How much does RC-M cost and how do I buy it?

The current price of RC-M is $10
If you are looking to purchase RC-M send a group request to “RC-M”.
Payment Methods:

paypal%20whiteamazon%20white bitcoin

Current Sellers:
Please be patient, our sellers aren’t superheroes
Note: Do not DM us on discord if it’s purchase related


Click here to open a list of troubleshootings

⌘ The program can’t start because d3dx9_43.dll is missing from your computer?

Try installing Directx9 from Microsoft
Try installing Directx runtime 2010
Try installing DirectX SDK
Last Resort
Go to google and search: “DirectX 9.0 Redistributable package” Try downloading each package until you find one that works.

⌘ How do I navigate through the menu?

Use the arrow keys in order to navigate through the menu.
Here is also a config wiki if you wish to learn more about what each setting does. Visit Wiki here

⌘ Why am I lagging while using RC-M?

Lower the FPS on the RC-M menu.

⌘ Why isn’t RC-M appearing when I open it?

Press RSHIFT in order to hide or open the menu.
Otherwise check if you have any Anti Virus software running if so, you may turn it off as it’d block the client to work properly. We’re happy to assist you if you’re in need of help.

⌘ Why is the aimbot spazzing out?

Smoothness is too low (Recommended: 3 and higher)
Sensitivity is too high (Recommended: 30 and lower)
Forum Questions

What is this forum?

This is a civilized place for public discussion, in this forum, you can freely discuss topics such as gaming, music, exploiting, programming, etc.
Staff Team:
Creator [CEO] - @CheatBuddy
Chief Operating Officer [COO] - @Haze
UI Developer - @Kronix

How do I become a staff member?

Currently, the only way to become a part of our staff is via recommendation or staff applications.
We’ll update you whenever we have any positions open.