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Forum Rules
This is a Civilized Place for Public Discussion where things such as programming, gaming, exploiting are discussed, but all civilizations must have rules. On this forum, every registered user, Moderators and Admins included are expected to follow and enforce rules on this forum to keep the discussion civilized and to an extent, well mannered.
Violating the rules will result in a warning, if you get 3 warnings you will be suspended for a week, the duration of your suspension will increase every next warning you get after your third.

Major offenses
  • Discrimination
    We do not condone any sort of discrimination and will not allow any sort of discrimination, and thus any sort of discriminatory action against a group or person will result in an immediate suspension of your account.

  • Doxxing
    This forum is not a place to release someone’s personal info, we will take action if anyone’s personal information is shared here without their consent and will suspend the user that posted said information.

  • Scamming
    Scamming (Exit Scamming, Charging Back, Stealing, Selling a Leaked/Used/Free Product, etc) is not allowed and will result in a suspension of your account if enough proof is given.

  • Spam
    Spamming or abusing any system (this includes begging for likes and false flagging) on Cheat Buddy Forum is never allowed and will not be tolerated. If you are here for the reason of strictly annoying people in any manner, you will be dealt with accordingly. Administrators and moderators will determine whether your post is considered spam or not and have the final say. Breaking this rule can get you muted up to a month and a warning will be given.

Minor offenses
  • Posting NSFW
    Posting any kind of NSFW content (Porn, Gore, etc.) is not allowed and will result in a warning and a mute for up to a week.

  • Necroposting
    Necroposting a thread without a valid reason to do so will end up adding a warning to your account. So don’t necropost on an old thread just to be funny.

  • Filter evasion
    Attempting to bypass certain filters on the forum (for example 20 character minimum or blacklisted words) results in a warning being added to your account.

  • Wrong Section Posting
    Attempting to create topics in the wrong section, results in a warning being added to your account.

  • Cross-Posting
    Posting identical content in different sections can be interpreted as spam.

  • Multi-Accounting
    Only one account per user and IP is permitted, any accounts created after the first will be deleted. Exceptions are only approved by staff, so please contact us with a valid reason as to why you need a second account on the same IP.

  • Disrespecting Staff and Community members
    Being rude to staff, pushing the rules, Ignoring staff and being an annoyance to staff results in a warning.
    This also applies to other Community members