Cheat Buddy - Rules


This is a Civilized Place for Public Discussion where things such as programming, gaming, exploiting are discussed, but all civilizations must have rules.
On this forum, every registered user, Moderators and Admins included are expected to follow and enforce rules on this forum to keep the discussion civilized and to an extent, well mannered.

⏵ Avoid breaking any of the listed below Rules in order to keep your account safe from getting:
Our Warning System
Minor Penalizations: Warnings, Silences
Moderate Penalizations: Silences, Suspensions, Badges Revoked
Strong Penalizations: Suspensions, Possible Account Deletion, Badges Revoked
/Minor to Moderate Penalizations
/Moderate to Strong Penalizations


Forum Rules

/ Asking For Likes:
Asking other users to like your posts for nothing but self-gain

/ False Flagging:
Flagging posts that don’t break any rule or violate our TOS

/ Disrespecting Staff:
Mistreating our staff members

/ Necroposting:
Replying to topics that have been inactive for 30+ days

Releasing something without the owner’s consent or knowledge (IP, Whitelist, Credit Card numbers, Phone Numbers, etc

Discriminating against someone because of their ethnicty, sexual orientation, political views, etc

Exit Scamming, Charging Back, Stealing, Selling a Leaked/Used/Free Product, etc

/ Posting NSFW:
Posting Pornagraphy, Gore, etc

/ Complaining:
Complaining after being asked to stop repeatedly by staff

Filter Evasion:
Bypassing systematic rules in place such as posts needing a minimun of 20 characters

Cheating to get badges (Ex: Making alternate accounts to get the Promoter Badge)

Wrong Section Posting:
Do not post your thread in an irrelevant section in relation to your topic.

Usernames that contain racist / bad language are strictly forbidden.

General Spam:
Spamming or abusing any system on Cheat Buddy Forum is never allowed and will not be tolerated. If you are here for the reason of strictly annoying people in any manner, you will be dealt with accordingly.
Administrators and moderators will determine whether your post is considered spam or not. If you’re here just to get a high post count and trying to become known in the cheating community, action will be taken in this situation as well.

This is a work in progress, if you’d like to help or if you have suggestions let us know


Bump, let me know what you think of the rules so far


These will probably be separated later on into different subcategories