Cheatbuddy ghosting?

so as we all know cheatbuddy has been gone for quit a while. his last visit on v3rmillion was the first of december. but if u check his playlist is updated 7 days ago in youtube. i believe it has to do with new world order. it might be possible that the feds are watching his seingle move wich is why he stop. it explain why he still active but the fbi and cia got to him guys. if u have any other conspirecy thories tell me.


yeah bro cia wants a roblox cheat dev

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the fbi and cia after a person who makes roblox cheats cheatbuddy is built different

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idk could be true :clown_face:

Fun facts if anyone did not know. The tutorial video on how to buy the cheat is now private and unviewable.

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this has to be a troll, if not I need to stop thinking to highly of you people, if this guy isn’t trolling he’s a fucking retard.

I reckon he is trolling and working on a big update and then once finished he will announce it or maybe he just doesn’t wanna work with exploits anymore

its because he cant get money through paypal anymore. no money = no updates.

real talk <3

so that’s why I couldn’t see the video. I was hella confused.