Customization with cheat buddy

I cant wait till cheatbuddy will have esp options for hitboxes and colors like if I wanted it to be all be rainbow its rainbow or farther people are blue and closer are green and my fov ring is like rainbow or something like that

Would be awesome! I used to own Aspect Internal which was “similar” to RC-M, it had customization for most visual stuff and even a toggle rainbow button that would add a really cool rainbow effect to the selected visuals.

Those will all come out with our revamped UI update.

thanks for replying!

i just looked at the cheat, and though unpolished i think rcm looks like a finer version of this cheat, minues the ui and config changer, and looks like rcm is a more advanced cheat

I don’t think you can buy it anymore. But yeah RC-M is a lot better and I am glad I ended up buying it.