Does anyone have any tips on how I can get roblox memory adresses?

I’ve been wanting to code roblox cheats for a while now, but I’m confused on how to get the memory addresses. I’ve coded cheats in c++ for counter strike, but I used HazeDumper for the addresses. Does anyone have any tips on how I could get roblox addy’s, because they are a lot harder to find than in other games.

What kind of addresses you’re talking about. There’s addresses for things like game, workspace, players (objects, etc.) Then there’s other addresses like values. Health, Walkspeed, Gravity, etc. If you can tell me I can make a tutorial on my YouTube.

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Well I’m looking on getting addresses for things like the workspace, local player, objects, and things like that. I mainly want to find out how to get these types of addresses so I can make a script executor and then learn from there.

I’ll try to make a video when I get time. Subscribe to my YT.


DUUUDE you’re the best! Thank you so much :smile:

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Could you make the video when you have time? I am very interested in knowing how to do this, and unfortunately I could not get your earlier tutorial videos for Roblox to work.