Does anyone know how to bypass recording

Does anyone know how to hide rcm while recording yourself joining in game with rcm, i’m in a rcl tournament and i’m being forced to record myself joining in game. I’ll maybe pay 500 robux for this

Just recording or do you need to share screen? It is easy to make a recording look legit but share screen is impossible to bypass.

Edit: come to think about it what you need is a way to hide the cheat from share screen (because why would they ever ask you to record yourself joining a game when you can easily do that without opening RC-M). Currently it is not possible to share screen without the cheat showing up however you could just share screen at the beginning and open it after a certain amount of time (if the don’t require you to have share screen on the whole time)

no, not screensharing recording I’ll show you an example

I don’t know, they think i’m sus and their telling me to record myself joining in game

this is an example of someone joining theirself, i currently don’t know how to do it with rcm

Well if they require you to show a recording off the entire match you could just edit it to look legitimate, not entirely sure how good your editing skills are though lol.

You could also use windows task scheduler to open RC-M on a delay so that rc-m opens after your are fullscreen without you needing to tab out or anything. However since RC-M makes a noise when it opens and you still need to click yes/no/ok on some stuff I am not sure how you would hide that.

I think cheatbuddy should add a stealth setting that saves and requires 0 button presses when you start it up, so that when you open the exe it just works without the need to close the menu or press ok.

Since you need to open the game and it has to show the entire desktop just use 2 recording programs at the same time. Make sure one of the programs is obs and is setup using the game capture option (hides the esp from the recording). Once the match is done and the two recordings are done you then need to use a video editor to put the obs recording on top of the non obs recording.

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Stealthy opens RC-M Would be a thing, but idk if it’s possible.

hidding it from a screen capture is imposible,
however, when game capture it will not show since rc-m is a overlay.

what you can do is make 2 layers. with game capture on top, and the screen capure under it. than it will record you screen but when you join a game it will show the game since its on top of the screen capture.

It is possible.

it can be hidden from screen capture lol, just turn esp off

what about the login screen, the menu and the “aimbot: on”?
what if he wants esp?
read the question he has…

I don’t think there is actually a solution to that but I mean that’s what happens when you cheat in the big competitions. They will ask you to provide proof you don’t cheat which is why I don’t tend to attend competitions for RCL and that.

if you use obs to record then you can use game/display capture toggle keys
record yourself joining game and do whatever is needed on display capture then you can toggle to game capture

If you have two monitors you could switch it to game capture on your second monitor then inject rcm thru that

Good idea but usually in these tournaments they ask you to record your entire screen throughout the duration of it. That includes viewers to have full sight of the taskbar the entire game.

Not actually because if you do ALT+ENTER and just keep it like that for the full match they wont catch it

Yes but you can’t see the RC-M overlay in full screen.

That is true but maybe it is for the best that he can’t see the overlay it would make him look more legit

bro join the game and just like before starting u put it on smh

Don’t open RC-M, easy bypass.

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