Dx9ware website is down what happened

wag1 my yung gangasta yh so bsically dx9ware website is down and i dont know what to do what tf happened k thnx ly

join the discord faggot

uhhh join the discord faggot kids are ddosing the site bc they are mad dx9 is a thing now

What’s a good alternative for rcm? dx9? does it work at futuretops?

dx9ware is probably the BEST current alternative to RC-M. it may not currently match the level of complexity RC-M was at but it sure as hell is the best aimbot in the market rn. the developers are active and always updating so one day dx9ware should overtake RC-M in terms of sheer quality and such. i just bought dx9ware and ill make a thread detailing if i think its worth it or not