Esp Broken

When I play Bad business and Phantom forces the Esp Brake so when I move my mouse The Lines And Boxes move really weird unusual Next to the Enemy.
And then when I stand still the Lines and Boxes go on the enemy again.

I don’t know if there is something wrong with my pc or that I need to download something.
but this is not nice

or maybe it’s something with the cheat.

if it’s with the cheat I hope you can fix this @CheatBuddy.

it only happens when I sprint it’s really annoying

I dont have this ploblem so its on your side,
and the only thing i know of that fits the description is a slow pc.
If this is the case then its most likely the cpu bottleneck.

how can i fix that?

do you need directX or someting for Rcm And so yes Wich one

no, without directx it wouldn’t even run.
Check task manager, how much cpu usage do you you have,
if its 100 you need a new cpu or set roblox settings down.
if your cpu is not the problem than i dont know.

thanks, it helped