First ever cheat!

This was my first cheat I released the first version a while back and it did good, so this is my second one.!! @CheatBuddy I hope you try this.! (This is mainly an ARSENAL cheat and also these are kinda old)

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You released both a long time ago?


Hm, how’s the CCR?

Id say its okay.

But you can tell me your thoughts by trying it out

I’d rather not.

Yea same dosnt seam safe lol

I wouldnt recommend using it, they might track your roblox username when you use it. Not sure though.

95% sure this guy owns one of the large anti-cheater Discords for Roblox.

This will most likely log your rblx username to a discord webhook so dont trust it ye

either a webhook logger or a honeypot logger

That is a script not a cheat