@CheatBuddy Will, we get bad business fix next Roblox update of quicker

I hope Quicker

You’ll get it sometime today.

oke please reply again when we got it

BTW Thank you sooo much

Hey its already 1 Day later is it almost there?

It may take CheatBuddy some time, keep in mind that making and patching his exploits isn’t his life, he has other things to worry about.

I know but yesterday he promised to fix it that day.

He may have encountered some issues, Roblox may have done something that has stopped him from easily fixing it, just because he said he’d do it in that day, doesnt mean that he can promise on it, as roblox sometimes moves around stuff and makes things more difficult to read or decrypt, who knows, just give him time.


I did finish my fix but it did not work as intended. Its freezing the game for some reason even after rewriting it so apologies for inconvenience but I’ll continue to try and figure out why its doing that today.

thanks, I hope to get the fix today so I can play with my friends

do you already know what was wrong and how to fix it?

Yes, kind of but its still a few more things to work out

Oké I hope to get the fix very soon Good luck😊

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Thanks a lot man and for being patient with me I’ll def do my best.

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no problem I don’t know how long it takes to code so yeah that’s why I am patient

so yeah good luck again and I hope we will get the fix quick

do you already know what was wrong and how to fix it?

I fixed bad business.

when will you fix wallcheck

because I record with this and it’s kinda sketch when wallcheck does not work.

Wallcheck will not be fixed for a while there is other fixes and priorities before it.

The only thing you can do for now is lower your fov.