How to get the C++ Badge

We have a C++ badge on our forum which can be found here. This post is regarding how one may obtain this exclusive badge. At first glance, this badge isn’t too extraordinary. But the individuals lucky enough to be rewarded with this gem would gain the greatest and utmost respect from staff and Cheat Buddy himself in addition to standing out on the forum.

Mastering the language of C++ is no easy task but will open many doors for you. If you’re really a serious programmer and plan on making exploits/hacks of your own, bypassing anti-cheats, and more… I definitely recommend you learn. The earlier, the better. So how do you obtain this badge you ask? Users will be awarded with this badge if they have a genuine interest in C++ as well as post projects of their own or tutorials in this category. (Note: The material provided must be made completely in the C++ programming language.) Your efforts will be greatly rewarded!


I’m planning on following some courses online to get a grasp on C++ as soon as I get out of the current mess that is my study, I will definitely be posting some tutorials and projects once I somewhat get the hang of it.

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Sounds good :smiley: @monkeyguy37
Feel free to check out my videos when you get time as well if that’s something you’re interested in.

Already checking them out, they are really informative so far

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@CheatBuddy I want to be a game designer when I am older and know allot of c++ and I enjoy hacking on roblox and plan to make hacks for games but I don’t have the best pc to do it coz vs lags sometimes but I would be up to working on RCM with u if I was offered it would be a honour :smile:

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Well, I am using Embarcadero C++ Builder for C++ language development.
Would it also be able to get C++ badge when I send my project :stuck_out_tongue:

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As long as it’s in C++, yeah sure.

Should I send you my snapshot code of project or full project?
It uses kinda exclusive components only in RAD Studio so it wont work in VS or stuff.

A zip of the CPP files sound fair you should also make a new thread if you plan on submitting it and you should give details on what the purpose of the program is.

Hey @monkeyguy37 i was wondering The scale of how easy to hard it is to learn c++ if you can give me a number from 1 - 10 so if i learn i can join the team.

I can’t really say, I haven’t used C++ in a long while. Not to mention I barely started.
I am planning on learning UE4 so I’ll definitely be picking up C++ soon-ish again.

Just try it, everyone works a bit different so you might enjoy it a lot or not at all.

Where do you take your classes i would like to start. is a pretty good site to learn the basics of C++, once you get the hang of that you can check out CB’s videos to get more into game hacking.




(my game hacking series)