How to pass a PC Check

Hello there, I will be telling you steps on how to clear on a pc check:

When a criminal records administrator pc checks you or someone else, they will check your prefetch first of all but to delete your prefetches and the applications.

We will use the app voidtools to delete our RC-M files which includes prefetch log. - This app can be used to delete your registry keys.

This is not a virus do not worry.

  1. Search RC-M in everything/voidtools and delete the files and its prefetch log and then type rcm and delete rcmcore.dll, then search cheatbuddy and delete it as well, also note to keep your username and password for RC-M forum.
  2. Do Windows + R type in %temp% and Temp and delete everything in it.

Second we are going to delete download and search history, do CTRL + H and CTRL + J and it will open a page, search this: And delete them., RC-M, rcm, cheatbuddy

Third, when you are done with clearing your history and your prefetch files, go to your regedit by doing WINDOWS + R and type this in the regedit image Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\RC-M And click on the RC-M and delete it.

Forth, Delete every registry key of RC-M by doing this:

And click on the registry key and delete it, NOTE: You must keep clicking on Find Next and Delete it until there is not a single trace of RC-M. Also I will make a batch file soon which automatically deletes RC-M and every trace of it on the registry keys soon.

Fifth, This is for deleting strings from ProcessHacker incase someone asks you to download this, don’t download it, I am currently finding a bypass to make the application close when someone tells you to open the Process Hacker 2.

I will be updating this.



If you have any questions please reply.

What’s the point of this?

Or just use a second pc with RC-M not installed… Lol

what @BradyK said , i have a laptop and have passed many many pc inspections xd.

Could you use a Virtual Machine?

So, how do you get rid of the strings in process hacker then? You didn’t specify.

As I said, I’m working on a way using C++ to make a appform to make process hacker close whenever you try to open it.

Yes, but you would need space for that and when someone pc checks you just make a excuse like your using a virtual machine to run windows 10 for roblox and you are on a linux.

And then you have people like me that actually do it

Careful people have many methods of pc checking, some also to go to antivirus logs to see if RC-M has been deleted before by the antivirus. Also remember to take away RC-MS exclusion when they PC check you.

By following this guide I can 100% guarantee you will still get caught using RC-M in a PC check, it covers the absolute basics of getting checked and won’t fool 95% of the people who do PC checks often.

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Yea still feels like there are some holes in it

What do you guys mean by “PC Check”

Both words that make up PC check explain it pretty well… please use your brain.


… Why would some check your PC for RC-M… And also would they even do that?

In competitive areas of Roblox, especially clanning, PC checks are common.

In clan areas sometimes before they recruit new members or if they are too good to be true, they will PC check your, or in tournaments such as CB, CCL, etc with big prize pools they ask for you to record and check your logs, if they deem you suspicious they will check your PC for cheats.

How do they check? Do they use remote acess?

Usually through Discord, you screenshare and go to places they tell you. No remote access software is used as far as I know.