ICON - Valorant Aimbot

ICON is a soft aimbot for Valorant.
I DO NOT issue refunds if it is user error. All the requirements are stated on the thread and is purely your fault if you don’t read it. If it is software error then I will issue a refund.
What is a soft aimbot?
A soft aimbot is made to help give you an aim advantage over your enemies.
Recommended 1920x1080 resolution for best performance
FPS can affect the aim since this isn’t touch memory of the game. Recommended 60+ FPS



Daily - $5 USD

Weekly - $18 USD

Monthly - $45 USD
Payment Methods



DISCORD: hacky#7571
New UI

looks rlly cool but im not paying 45 a month for a soft valorant aimlock

ikr, $20 per month would be reasonable

Private/Advanced aimlocks that don’t touch memory go for about 50$ per month. As far as this guy is concerned the GUI in his previous video is a skid from a free cheat that was floating around during beta. Do don’t purchase this. The aimbot was terrible and extremely detectable, please look for a more reputable provider.

This cheat hasn’t been detected at all since beta. The free version you used a long time ago, isn’t the same as it is now its been I have made the aimbot better and optimized the program in all. Such as faster response between the driver and program and made the aim more smooth/less robotic. I am working on recoil/burst support. People can go ahead and use an outdated version of my cheat if they want. The github project does not reflect the current version of the cheat I am selling.

You clearly don’t know what you’re talking about because 1. I recently released the Picture UI design 2. I was the only one who released the Old UI.

On top of that making assumptions that it was terrible or extremely detected clearly shows you have no knowledge about this private cheat nor the free one because it was never detected once again.

Regarding the driver: They will most likely never detect the driver. If the buyers ask about the driver I am completely transparent about it to them. I tell them that it’s exploiting a popular driver used by many legit/pro players and that valorant will most likely just block the driver from being used. The most logical thing Valorant can do is to block it. They will most likely just not allow you to play valorant when the driver is installed/loaded. This driver has been used for many months and has no signs of it being stopped. Valorant has updated Vanguard a lot while this driver was widely used for such uses. I already have a backup ready to go just in case Valorant does decide to block the driver.]
You’re attempting to sale trash on a topic you have 0 idea about and 0 clue about who the company/how the anti-cheat works.
image I originally released the UI this is me

Here is the free cheat that you’ve ripped off not only the GUI but your interception drivers. It’s being used by almost all of the non-hardware pixel aimbots and is even available on some FREE CHEATS. I don’t care about your bullshit updated GUI your cheat is the farthest thing from private I’ve seen. Have fun getting detected in the next ban wave I have information that the interception system is going to get detected very soon :). For anyone reading this, don’t trust this dork. Go on EPvP and find a seller with some half decent rep. People like this use forums like v3m and here because they try to take advantage of roblox kids who don’t know any better.

When free cheats get released, many channels and virus ridden channels upload them, this also common knowledge. “Uploaded A Month Ago”

This cheat has been going on for months and was never once detecteed in ban waves.
Again You’re attempting to sale trash on a topic you have 0 idea about and 0 clue about who the company/how the anti-cheat works.

I can also see your injecting into notepad from the screenshots provided, if you use a regular inject then they can see in module list and look at dll in memory and disk. Runs the risk of detection.

can i get a free copy ill tell my friends bout you