Is RCM detected like can i play roblox without getin caught / banned or warned? or do i have to do something else to not get caught usin RCM?

So like i wanna play roblox and use rcm without any problems is that possible like i dont wanna get warned or banned or deleted or stuff like that i dont want roblox to caught me?

Is RCM detected or undetected 2021 and will it ever be detected?

How can it be detected?

RCM isnt even updated since 2020 november

u got scammed, rcm is gone

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damn gg?.

I wouldn’t really say he scammed, but he’s definitely gone. It really depends on when you bought RC-M.

Yeah, I only got to use it for around a month. I got some use in so In my opinion I wasn’t scammed but some people had it only for a few days