Is this v3rm thread true about RC-M? about a banwave?


That sucks.

Yes, it’s true unless Jordan verifies that he bypassed it as soon as it came out.

this is why you use exploits on your alt accounts. either way, yous better start typing up your appeal.

Honestly that’s a little far on roblox’s note. Like cheating on the game isn’t exactly a crime lol. It’s like who cares if you aimbot in phantom forces…?

ur a kid.

roblox’s new detection worked well. I cant wait to see famous rcl users get banned and say they said a bad word

And you are…?

It could be true though considering how tough roblox is being in this banwave.

Are you retarded? You’re questioning a game actually enforcing their ToS and upgrading their anti-cheat? Everyone who isn’t a degenerate like us and doesn’t cheat (99% of the roblox community) cares about having to play with cheaters.

They’re banning FPS unlockers you absolute Down syndrome, which means 99% of people will get banned for making their graphics better lol? Stfu man you clearly did not read what’s happening in this banwave

The Known Signatures List used by the anti-cheat doesn’t include strings produced from FPS unlockers. Also FPS =/= graphics. Please do some of your own research before posting bullshit like that

It does I read the v3rm thread and it said FPS unlockers are included