Isnt it obvious guys?

No need to check in anymore he made the tutorial on how to buy private, CB is done, he quit, no more RCM tuff luck you gotta move on exploits tend to do this often, if you didnt think it was going to happen well then youre fucking stupid good luck to you all and your future.

thank you for your honesty but I don’t think anyone asked??? nah but for real tho old mate might be on to something May 11 2018 - 2021 rip RC-M, also pay respect for RC7 and for Cheat Buddy + Haze if RC-M comes back that would be a miracle

RC-M will return!


It DIDNT make it to 2021. That’d imply that the cheat was updated sometime in 2021. It died in 2020 just like everything else. Horrible year I must say…

facts I blame 2020 for this shit