Issue with the chat on the left side

So on the left side chat there is an issue where even though I have read the rules multiple times it continually says it is unread and has the little green dot on the chat button telling me to read it again, it’s really annoying cause i end up clicking chat just to find out there is no new messages.

It’s not a problem I can fix. This is a bug with the chat plugin which I’m not a coder of. Sometimes the issue resolves itself as I’ve had it happened in the past. I can only recommend you clear your cache and cookies for this site. And then logging out and logging back in.

Maybe I’ll reboot the server but aside from that I don’t have a fix. The developers of the chat plugin will have to fix it as we’re using third party software for the chat. EDIT: I just rebooted the server. You can try to see now whether it’s fixed or not

Not sure if it is fixed or not, currently it is not showing it so for now it works but we’ll see if it comes back tomorrow.