It is same to assume RC-M has been discontinued

RC-M has been discontinued?

A lot of people are just saying “CheatBuddy is just having a break” which I massively doubt. We have seen first-hand that CB is losing motivation and we can see this from the delayed updates and continuous delayal of patches and finally the suspension of his PayPal and with all of these factors in account it is most reasonable to conclude that CheatBuddy has most likely discontinued RC-M or he is taking an exceptionally long break. If you’re the manager and owner of a business which has a rather formidable community like RC-M you don’t just disappear for weeks on end without any absence note. I believe with this prolonged absence and lack of information it is safe to conclude the inevitable. If I owned a community and I wanted to have a small break I would indefinitely notify my community members but in this occasion CB has not.

Another factor that just hints the obvious is the lack of governing staff. All of the staff team that are employed here have shown little to no activity on the forum and have not bothered to clarify why CB has been absent for such a long time. Surely if CB wanted a break he would notify his community or his staff team could reassure us that he has not quit. But they haven’t…

As much as I respect CB and his work and his prolonged efforts to try and support RC-M I believe it is reasonable to conclude that CB has in fact discontinued RC-M. All of the proof and evidence that has mounted suggests the obvious.


its safe to assume you go crazy without your rcm

That’s a okay point but if it was being discontinued I’m like 99% sure he’d say something, it takes like 30 seconds to type and post on the forum

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Yea all of the sweaty RCLers are dying without it.

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Not everyone used RCM for RCL, stop assuming lol. Either way stfu man it’s not being discontinued he’s done this before for longer and hasn’t notified us, you guys are just impatient as shit



I definitely understand many people are being impatient, but I mean of course people are gonna be a little annoyed that they paid someone money and they don’t even give us an update. I mean idk I just don’t see how hard it can be to get on a website for like 5 or less minutes and post something giving us at least a slight update.

I mean yes. If you pay for a product as a consumer you expect that the developers will fix the issue.

If RC-M was free then I can completely understand update times that exceed over a week. But if you’re selling a product it’s just standard that you update the product within a reasonable time.

It’s like me buying an iPhone and then the CPU sets on fire and Apple doesn’t fix it.


Please continue making these posts, i find them very enjoyable. :slight_smile:

He has not gone this long before. Longest wait was 3 weeks I believe. Jordan obviously has had something serious happen in his life preventing him from getting the time to Update. None of us know and should just play normal. If he never updates again then whatever its litteraly only 10 fucking dollars.

it’s not only 10 fucking dollars some people live in countries have high us currency I’m in South West Africa it’s a hundred and 45 dollars and in my country it’s a lot of fucking cash

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Actually no, the longest wait was 2 months in 2018. Either way it’s silly to imply or think that something serious has happened considering that when he did make people wait 2 months that time he was fine. At the end of the day it’s not as serious as his job which he needs to keep in order to get by. Also yeah stop saying it’s 10 dollars as a lot of people have different currencies making it expensive.

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Should’ve invested into something else rather than gaming your life away.

In 2018 he did not have nearly as many members. He had a very small community that was growing. He has a way larger community and sales intake now. There would be no logical reasoning for him to stop updating. He was raking in a decent amount of cash for this too be considered a side project.