MW Item changer

alright so my favourite and most used method of unlocking shit has been patched (HxD) and im looking for a way to get around this.

What i know:
cheats that have bypassed the game shit and remained undetected are kernel based.
They use their own anti cheat so no EAC, BE shit.
getting into the game files is decently easy

What i have tested:
using HxD 32bit, HxD 64bit

What is 100% patched:
Cheat Engine. if you rename a file to cheat engine, you will get banned.

How they ban you:
Server disconnection forcing you to quit game with no button to cancel or retry.
Ban message on next launch.
blizzard account banned.
HOWEVER: for HxD editing, they do not hwid ban you, although cheating does get you hwid banned