My first ever cheat!

Today I decided to share my first ever cheat that I made with VAmemory. Its my first ever cheat so yea.
The cheat is for AssaultCube. Aka: Some game that is never updated so its easy to make hacks on it.
I made the cheat in C# cause I already know C#. I tried making god mode but when you turn it on you can’t turn it off. Any suggestions how to make a toggle while loop?
False positive.


Nice work! Thanks for sharing :grin:
May I ask what project you plan on working on next ???

For next I was thinking about SCP:SL but I’d have to find the game adresses because they arent available online. Nevermind. Tried to find some simple numbers and had like 15mil adresses. I’m gonna practice some more I guess.

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Oooh, congratulations man!