Need help with legit gunfighting settings?

If anyone needs help PM me on here for Third person shooter gun settings. I have been clanning with RC-M for about a year now and have never been caught cheating even while top fragging against other pro players. :zipper_mouth_face:

Also I will not be using old settings, I will make custom ones for that I haven’t gave anyone yet.
I will try my best to take all requests seriously and spend a good amount of time finding settings that work best with whatever gun you use. I will also try to complete all requests within 30-60 minutes when having looked at your post. If I don’t I may doing something.

Everything is free, all I ask if that you vouch for me in the replies of this post. :grinning: :grinning:


Can you help me with TNI thirdperson settings please :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Check your PMS. We will talk about it over there.

vouch thank you man! no one hackusated me yet <3

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Uh i want island royale settings @justrain

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Okay, PMS.

I can vouch for this! He gave me a config in PMs.

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I can vouch for this! he gave me really good settings :sunglasses:

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i would like a tournament X settings please

Ik its not a thirdperson game, but could you do a legit counter-blox setting?

RC-M is currently patched, @bestplayer1 @Neger. Ill get to yours as soon as possible.

Thank you @Elitercm @Kakashi32 @satty @Sinful :smile: :grin:


@bestplayer1 @Neger Oh, you dont have RC-M? What are you gonna use the settings for?

Hey man, I’d love to get some good RCL configs and maybe some TNI/FEAR weaponry as well.

Check, PMS. Ill get to it right when RC-M is up and running.

Waiting for RCM now! bought it some hours ago. just getting prepared. haha :slight_smile:


@JustRain i have rcm

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@Neger Alrighty, good to know. @bestplayer1 You dont have the badge but ill take your word on it. PMS.

id like some settings for th3ltgrounds please

Gotten rcm now! any Apoc rising or Cb settings you could fix for me <3