New Aimbot to replace RCM

Anyone know of a good aimbot to replace RCM while cb takes a month to update?

Feel free to make your own if you wish, CheatBuddy has some videos explaining how to make your own cheats. Or just get an executor and use those for cheating for now. It may be a less stable choice but there isnt really anything else.
Just let CheatBuddy have his break. He should be back soon-ish, if not, its probably serious.

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If you are meaning external, then you are most likely out of luck, I only know of one other (not going to drop names here) and even so I don’t think it is actively updated.

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You’re going to have to use a Lua executor for that. However be careful of the type of aimbot you inject because some maps have built in security measures that prevent you from using some types of aimbot. Gamesense is one of them. Do not use Gamesense on any clanning maps!

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what do you mean a month its been 4 days…

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I was overexaggerating for comedic effect. I know the guy is busy I just want an alternative until it’s back up.

Do you know any good Lua scripts for it? If so can you link me?

Uh not really a lot of them don’t really work on clanning games

If they do the cursor will flicker like hell

when will cheat buddy be up?

turn up smoothness

No I mean like script aimbots are really bad on clanning games the cursor just teleports to the corner of the screen

couldnt tell u

most aimbot scripts you’d find are internal so for clanning they’d be useless.

best choices are to
-either wait for RCM to be updated
-or connect electrodes to your arm muscles and program them to shock your arm into moving your cursor to the enemy


when we pay 10 usd for a lego cheat cheatbudy should be our personal slave updating the second roblox updates! this is redicolos that he taked this long!1

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i just cant wait for use X11, I would pay 50 dollars for it tbh

Why would you get x11 it logs your ip and your user?

I’m using a VM and a VPN so doesn’t really matter plus id rather get my IP logged than a week of lego exploit not being updated.

ChEaTbUdDy HaS a LiFe OmG!!! Okay so give a logical explanation as to why he can’t take maybe 30 sec to 1 min to let us know what’s going on? There is no logical explanation for that.

It logs your roblox user and what game you used it on?