(NEW) RC:M PATCHED Conclusion

Well this isn’t the first time i suppose? I think triggerbot and some other features are going to be added to RC:M and i’m pretty sure it’s going to update next week, it’s still a 50-50 tho. But high hopes that more will come to RC:M that’s the only reason it’s taking too long.

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Nothing new will come. Don’t get your hopes up.

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What do you live in cheatbuddy’s house or some shit lol?

nothing new will come

no we just have common sense you fucking ape

I wish new features were added such as triggerbot, but im not too sure thats why RC-M has been patched for a while. Good suggestion though

There will be no new features I think but when is it gonna update like I can’t play any games anymore cuz I don’t have rcm please update as fast as you can CB.

That doesn’t mean anything. You can’t go around throwing rumor’s. Sometimes Cheat Buddy doesn’t have enough time to update or Busy to update. We all have private lifes.

Stop saying He HaS A LiFe he does but it doesn’t take 2weeks.

it does

he does; but not when us, the clients; of his product; have changed his life by supporting him in the ways we have, and he hasnt even went onto the forums in almost two weeks leaving us all in the dark; along with the fact that his other dev hasnt logged on either. This definitely isn’t for marketing as Synapse X sales have gone up 15% ever since the RC-M patch happened, which is taking away customers and possible future customers to the product.

Lmfao that’s not common sense you dumb ass that’s just thinking the negative way, the reason i made this topic in the first place was to give hope to those who have being waiting weeks. Forgot 12 year old fat fucks like you cease to understand that and look towards negative thoughts and solutions.

It takes hours to update it dumbass.


It can take longer depending on your situation, and with CheatBuddy, well, he could have family issues, financial issues, or other issues, we aren’t exactly sure, but my guess is financial, as his PayPal was suspended and this could have caused him to lose a lot of money he had stored on there, and PayPal might not be giving it to him, and knowing how bad PayPal’s support team can be, I wouldn’t be surprised its taking him a while.
He might also just be taking a break to get his shit together since its probably been stressful for him.

Just give him a couple more weeks, if you want an alternative to RC-M, then just use Synapse X as he said, or some other external exploit like X-11 (not sure if i’m allowed to talk about it tho)


Yes but there are no aimbot scripts or something for island royale + It’s the best aimbot hack for Roblox. he could have just told us that he has issues.

Some people like to keep everything private, it’s his life, he can choose how to keep it, public or private, I understand that you would’ve like some information on how he’s doing, all of us would, but he’s probably just wanting to keep it private for a bit, until he feels like he should let everyone know. Just give him a little time and maybe all our questions will be answered.

Honestly I think I can agree with you lot now. Before I was like ya’ll are just impatient but now it’s becoming a joke. A lot of people have actually purchased this software being told it would be updated within a day. But it has been a week if not longer. I am not in anyway attacking CB but I believe if you’re going to disappear you can’t just leave your community in the dark without an insight. And I can understand he has a life but come on guys it does not take a week to update RC-M. It takes 20 - 40 minutes and if he was taking a break he could at least notify us and in that way we don’t need to worry for him. I can understand RC-M not being updated within a few days and I can respect his reasoning for that but an entire week without any explanation is not fair.

its been 3 weeks actually

X-11 is down as well, literally only Synapse-X is available.