[NEWS] RC-M UI Beta Testing

We are innovating the RC-M experience, and we are inviting select applicants to be the first to experience the innovation and ensuring that quality is ensured within our next-generation for


Introducing the new RC-M User Interface, upon popular demand, the development team has been working relentlessly in ensuring a high-quality user interface updates reaches the unreachable. We understand that people have been wanting a new user interface, one of the most highly anticipated updates for RC-M. Don’t worry, we have been listening and we have been working, and it’s time for the first phase of testing for our new user interface.

We have compiled a list of questions and answers we believe should answer most concerns and questions in regards to the BETA testing program below.


How can I participate in testing the future of RC-M’s user interface?

We have set up a form registration for those who are interested in partaking in the testing. Applicants will be handpicked by the Cheat Buddy staff team for those who have expressed great support and interest in our product. Those who are accepted will be contacted by Haze and provided information on proceeding with the procedure on entering the beta testing program.

Will I permanently have access to the new user interface?

No, the BETA testing period is temporary and will be at the discretion of the Cheat Buddy team. In the event of a person’s admission to the BETA testing program… we suggest you enjoy it as much as you can.

When will the Cheat Buddy team get back to me pending my application?

Times will vary, there is no range we can provide as the discretion is vested solely upon the Cheat Buddy development team.

How can I apply for this?

Great that you asked. We have opened our applications: here
Note: Only a select few people will be admitted into the program as this is a closed beta.
Only those who own a valid license of RC-M are allowed to BETA test!

- Best regards,
The Cheat Buddy Team :cb:

If you have any questions and concerns not highlighted in this post,
be sure to ask your questions below!

So what is this about? I’m guessing payers of RC-M are keeping theirs or what I don’t really understand lol


So excited for this! Hoping I get into the beta test and good luck to anyone else that wants to help in it :slight_smile:


i really like ur product and i really wish i could be one of the beta testers good luck to everyone + :slight_smile: u guys are doing a really good job keep it up!


Hopefully I get picked. I’ve been waiting a while for this.



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havent buyed rcm cuz im kinda poor lol . But still hope to get something of this cuz rcm is a good cheat im creating legit cfg’s for it when ever i get a test from ur stream’s or yt vids love ya!
And have a nice day !
Hope u a safe stand at home with this harsh time with covid 19!

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I’ve been about RC-M for awhile, even persuade people to buy it!

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Are applications still being read?

How do I buy RCM, I’m interested on buying one of the licenses… but I can’t find out the link if anyone has bought it before and could share the link I’d appreciate if you could do me the favor of sending it here.