Now with Rcm gone and stuff, I've been wanting a new recording proof cheat to use

Are there any recording proof external cheats out there?

Like, ones that are open for purchase and arent dead. I personally only ever used the aimbot and not the esp, so something with good legit aimbot customization would be preferable.


dx9 is ass. is a streamproof cheat. you better go for that

x11 isn’t on sale, and dx9 isn’t even bad+ dx9 is stream proof so don’t know what you mean

the aimbot has the worst wallcheck i’ve ever seen and the sens options are ass

How would I even get x11? As far as I can tell, it’s not even open for purchase and probably won’t be going public anytime soon. And I do agree, dx9 is ass.

dx9ware has third person smoothing and is streamproof for obs and you dont get x11 its private

it doesnt even have wallcheck what are you on about.

ikr at least know the aimbot features before talking about it

see now this is what i don’t get, you ask for an alternative and expect it all to be RCM level, obviously won’t be and dx9 is like your only option unless you want a script aimbot that’ll get you caught in no time and that flickers all over the place

I just want the best that’s available, so I want to know all the options before buying. If worse comes to worse I’ll try dx9 out.

don’t bother. x11 is not on sale and the community is really toxic and hostile. i got banned for asking if the cheat has shadow injection for leagues and they just said “let me help you find out” and banned me.

i’d suggest you not bother with x11, it’s a hostile community. me and my friends are building a league cheat right now and it might go on sale at some point.

i don’t even think x11 will even go on sale, seems like they don’t really care and just wanna keep it private

In the discord server for x11 it literally says you will get banned for asking questions or something, so its toxic yeah. But what’s a league cheat? Forgive my sped brain, I’m still kind of new to this.

You can use linorias universal aimbot (third person too)
It’s pretty meh but it has most of the stuff needed and it is undetectable last I checked.
Costs like 10 USD

Thank you, I will look into it!

Ah, wait. This one’s an aimbot script. Not an external cheat :frowning: