Opinion on Categories

This forum so far looks amazing, I love the color scheme, and the way our profiles are set up, and once the forum is released out into the public, it could compete with even v3rmillion. The only problem I see stopping us from competing with bigger forums is a lack of categories. So far, this forum has only 5 categories, and it feels like if you’re not a programmer or an exploiter you’d just be forced into the Community category. The main problem with that is there’s going to be thousands of different opinions on dozens of different topics and only one category to share them on.

Categories that I believe should be added, just off the top of my head.


Gaming (Any games)
Music (Any genre of music)
Disputes (To solve arguments)
Updates (For Jordan to update us on RC-M, RC-7, and all his other cheats.

Please reply with categories you believe should be added :thinking:

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You make a good point. Before the forum goes live. I’ll try to start an ongoing discussion on what I can do to improve it because I honestly have very little experience when it comes to forums.


With the little experience you had, you did an excellent job