Payment query & is RCM still worth it?

So I am considering purchasing RCM and I have a few questions.

My first question is that is it possible for me to purchase using a £10 Steam gift card or does it have to be USD?

I’ve recently read a few posts and a lot of them are debating whether RCM is still worth buying and my question is, is that from a consumers point of view is it still worth buying RCM?

  1. You can pay with £10 but it will be over paying…
  2. Thats up to you, personaly i like it but i would like more updates

Thank you

It is still worth it if you like shooters & clan games. However we’ve been waiting too long for the new GUI… Cough cough @cheatbuddy

Just a question. Are you subdue? @SubdueTheBest

Absolutely not, that man is reformed and is currently off the streets…

Of course the great C9_Subdue could never cheat could he?