Pretty much confirmed, rc-m is dead

literally has not been updated in a month sad

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ok cool

itll be updated next month don’t worry

ok retard listen, not only rcm has been patched for so long, even protosmasher didnt update n no one knows whats gonna happen so pls stop with the its dEaD1!!!1!!! just wait it obviously seems hard to update so instead of crying get soemthing that is working rn which is krnl its free and is updated very le epic ok bye

doesn’t cb work on both proto and rcm tho?

Alright, no reason to get so triggered over a exploit being patched, I think what he’s implying is that Cheatbuddy has stopped carring about RC-M enough to update it, it’s been a month either something is wrong with CheatBuddy or they don’t care enough to update it, implying that it’s dead, aka not getting updated.

its been a month and also the point of rcm is to be its own exploit, and you can make yourself look more legit with this. scripts on exploits like krnl are blatant