RC-M, Cheatbuddy


It’s been around 2 weeks since RC-M hasn’t been updated, and @CheatBuddy hasn’t given us a response. This could mean a lot of things. The account is still active, matter fact, last active was around 8 hours ago from when this is published.

Has this happened before?

No, not that I know of. I don’t think @/CheatBuddy has ever gone inactive/ghosted without telling the community why, warning us or anything similar. I’m guessing this is probably because he has issues in his real-physical life that has to fix, that come in priority, before RC-M.

What can you do?

None, just be patient. I’m sure @/CheatBuddy will come back with an explanation. If not, then I guess it’s how it is. Spam-posting threads won’t really help.

What I think of the situation

If I’m honest, I’ve been a client for a while (late 2018), and I’ve never noticed anything similar to this. It’s most likely something serious. If RC-M discontinues, I wouldn’t really be surprised at this point, kind of expected.

What do you think of the situation?

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I think either his pc broke or he just got exhausted of doing this for so long

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