RC-M Info

So, I’m curious on how exactly some functions work on RC-M. I know the basics like teleport, aimbot, ESP, FPS unlocker; etc - but it’s more so confusing on other things like silentkill, telekill, aim distance, smoothness, anchored.
Silentkill - I have no clue how this works or what it does.

Telekill - This, to me is both a way to spectate players (usefull in survival games) but it scales with whoever is closest, even if you set a team marker; and it is also a way to teleport to players, but the teleporting is somewhat jank. When you activate it, I usually have my weapon ready and then press my TP keybind and then disable Telekill to shoot at the person. Am I missing something?

Anchor - I have never used this but I thought it was a way to keep your character locked in a position until turned off.

Aim distance - I also have no clue what this does and I have tested with it too.

Smoothness - I figured this was how smooth aimbot latches onto a player, but never tested it.

Thank you to anyone who offers tips or more info, hopefully this helps more then just myself!

Silentkill (Silent aim) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X3bku2GrwH0

Telekill - You can kill people and they will not see you, cus you will always be behind their back. you can test it yourself in CB:RO

Anchor - An alternative to the speed hack. Activate the Fly hack and enable the anchor function. So you won’t be able to fly, but the player’s speed will be increased.

Aim by distance - This setting will make the aimbot chose the closest player to you based on distance rather than locking on to the closest player to your mouse. That closest player must also be in your Field of View circle.

Smoothness - Adjusts how smooth/sharp your aimbot will lock on. Smoother will be slower, sharper will be faster.


Silentaim - Basically spoofs your mouse position so that your aim is always targeted at a player so bullets hit everytime. Only works on some games like Strucid and others i.e. clan games. It is not supported on every game.

Telekill - Teleports your camera behind a player (Zoom Can be adjusted with ‘W’ and ‘S’ keys.) Basically lets you wipe out the entire server. A few games its useful on: Big paintball, CB:RO, Arsenal any Rolve games really it will work on.

Aim by distance - This was explained in the post above pretty much

Smoothness - Also explained in the post above.


Is there a way that you can make Silent Aim shoot at the player that I’m aiming closest at? On games that have auto guns like th3ltgrounds, it shoots all over the place and it’s just a mess