"RC-M Patched!" Conclusion

So, I’m sure most of you are aware that RC-M is a limited person software device, in other words they don’t have an onslaught of employees who can get onto things and take care of it effectively. Today and yesterday, ROBLOX updated - the first update was around noon time (for me, EST timezone) which Cheatbuddy patched within 3 - 4 hours later, I may be off but that is my estimate. Last night, around 12 AM EST - ROBLOX did another sneaky update, and I’m sure at this time Cheatbuddy was offline and/or asleep, or just busy. The point of this explanation is to overall understand timezones, understand that behind this software is another human building and fixing it; as they need rest and they may have responsibilities outside of this community, like jobs or family events. Usually Cheatbuddy is stunningly fast as getting RC-M back up, but sometimes ROBLOX pulls a sneak update, and it’s likely Cheatbuddy was offline and may still be offline now.
Overall, I made this topic for people who are surfing around trying to find reasons why RC-M is patched. They take very high pride in their customers, and they try their best to make sure that everyone is satisfied. Remember time zones, take in consideration of their responsibilities, and understand what the process for countering the patch may include. Do research on this very forum, see if others are having different problems then you or if its been fixed. Have patience and stay humble. Thank you for your time, hopefully this helped, have a nice day!


Well let’s hope RC-M’s back soon!

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Sir, when I spend 10 moneys I need the updates to be INSTANT!! what if the glorious vaktovia gets raided and i am unable to defend because of this??? my entire robloxian career is literally over and i am crying and shaking all over my desk


thats sad cuz vak sucks, arcon is better

yes #autoupdate

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#Glory to vaktovia