Rcm is dying tbh

rcm dying. its been like 4 months since the v2 was announced. i know cheatbuddy has a life but cant u just say u want to leave rc-m instead of making everyone wait?


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Yeah I’m not sure what’s going on, since I feel like there aren’t nearly as many updates to the current version and the UI update keeps getting pushed back further and further (not sure if the beta test happened yet). I’m guessing he is either having more difficulty with the update than he thought he would, has lost motivation or is having other personal issues.

It’s mostly brought about by the lack of communication on the updates but I really hope the UI update comes out soonish because I bought the RC-M with the impression the update was right around the corner, but it’s been about 7-8 months now and still no sign of the update even after 3 months of the beta testing being announced.


It would help if the CheatBuddy team would engage with the community more because right now it feels like nothing is happening. Just announcing updates or showing sneak peaks of stuff would really help the forums. I don’t know if CB would want to, but I think selling beta access wouldn’t be that bad of an idea. People would get to use the update(s) and also provide feedback while motivating him to keep working on it. Because we know that CB isn’t making a lot of money off of this which is obviously not gonna motivate someone who is as business like as him.


Selling beta keys is a very good idea.

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rip rc-m

@CheatBuddy I’m sure can clear this up. Whatever the reason is, cheatbuddy has still been updating the cheat every week so its def not dead.


By no means is it dead, I just feel like its kind of lost its spark and my hype for it has died down quite a bit. While it still gets updated, some features aren’t fully fixed yet and no new features have been added for a while now. I understand it’s probably due to the work mostly going into the new UI but it just kind of sucks we haven’t really seen much evidence of that. The cheat isn’t dead it just isn’t as exciting as it once was for me at least.

Still very much looking forward to any feature updates that will come.

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when I go in I write rcm patched is it true?

RCM isnt dying, it’s just that Cheatbuddy has a job to do and of course he prioritizes his job over RC-M, RC-M isnt him main income, therefore is why he’s not 24/7 all day every hour working on it, he has a job and thats his main income. Cheatbuddy tries his best to do what he can to update RC-M as frequently as possible and that’s what you should be most happy about, about him still doing updates and fixing the patches roblox makes after updates.


That’s why he should sell beta access or just monetize the cheat more. I would be perfectly fine to pay a monthly fee for beta access or just extra features.


Up for this :100:

RCM is not dead, if it was dead RCM would not get updated.

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