RCM patched

CheatBuddy, I think you took too long to fix RCM, please fix it.

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come on man, he’s only human. he has a life like all of us


Fr let him spend time with family or have fun or someshit


Patience is a virtue my friend and please respect fact that he has a life


no offence to cheatbuddy but it takes him 20 minutes or less to undo whatever patch roblox comes up with so could you all stop saying “he has a life” he has a small side hustle (rcm) that he only needs to spend 20 minutes a week working on; so your logic doesn’t apply to this situation

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He could be very busy and not have time to update rn. Same way if you’re too busy with homework and can’t play games. He might be busy with other issues in rl.

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true but i’m getting annoyed with everyone using the excuse “he has a life”

Yeah, I totally see your point. I want to use RCM too. :frowning:

mhm i just been waiting a while now

Hahaha yeah I hear ya.

okay now I can’t its been a day and a half

Has it been unpatched yet?

you know cheat buddy doesn’t only exist to patch rcm right? like ik you paid for it and stuff but cheatbuddy has a life, you dont know what’s happening in his life rn. literally go outside.

Most kids are stuck inside because of COVID-19 meaning all they really have to do is play video games; stop acting like we’re asking him to give us his life; it takes 20 mins to unpatch

if its so easy, then unpatch it yourself. i understand that ur bored but u do not need rcm to play Roblox, just play the normal game if its that serious. also where does it say that it takes cheatbuddy 20 mins to unpatch, maybe this patch is extra hard, you dont know and neither do I. all we can do is wait. ur being so selfish and not realizing that cb has a completely different life than u. like he can be going through some bad times and maybe thats why he hasnt patched yet. its been a day, calm down

what makes this patch so special…? there was no sneek update it’s just cheatbuddy’s absence. i’m not attaking him at all and needing rcm just depends on what game you’re playing. “if its so easy unpatch it yourself” the amount of retardedness in that sentence is too much to respond to. i’m not being selfish by asking for an update from cb. that’s all anyone has done so far; ASK. we aren’t making death threats or attacking him in any way possible. if he is going through bad times, it’s completely fine and i (for the fifth time) am not attacking him for an update. it’s so idiotic to think that kids won’t be impatient to play a video game. you’re a complete joke and i think you should just shut up.

its selfish that ur literally getting so pressed when it has been ONE day since the patch. and do you really need rcm that bad? just to play the game? if so you need to spend ur money, not on hacks, but on a gaming coach

just look at this.

@PH4NT0M You’re retarded.

Read the rules about “Disrespecting Staff and Community members”
Please also read the ToS about “1. Products, part C”

I’m sad about you can’t raid port maersk rn.

i don’t even do clans… and i don’t need a gaming coach, im just waiting for it to update; you guys are just trying to be some kind of internet justice warriors over people asking for an update