Rcm update concerns

yo no cap rcm should be updated. do u guys agree?

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I agree, but there isn’t much we can do if the guy is busy. I’m assuming even if he could rn he’s probably gonna wait until next Wednesday to update it so he can do that patch as well.


Yeah it sucks but honestly if I was him I would just wait until the next patch since it’s in 4 days anyways. We just gotta be patient, I don’t use it for clanning but to maintain my rank in groups. Turns out I don’t need it to be good, I just need it to be lazy lol.

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I don’t think he should wait till Wednesday. People want to use the product and we’ve waited long enough for it. It’s nearly sunday and we haven’t seen any unpatch.

CB has been quiet for a while now.
chances are he has something urgent going on in his life and we have no rights to interfere.
best to let him do things according to his schedule.

much love


How have you managed to respond to every forum post about this topic and make your own? You need something to do huh. You wrote an entire essay about shit people already know. Some people are impatient get over it lol. We didn’t need your college application. Either way we get the point; he’s not on so he won’t update it until he’s back.


long story short yeah.

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Yeah, I realized I’m not that trash at gun fighting and I barely need RC-M. It was mostly for the ESP as my aimbot settings were very weak.

you’re genuinely just being an impatient brat & u do realize if he updates rn he’s gonna need to update again on wednesday right? that’ll just be more hassle for you AND cb

You can’t take the truth? Don’t call me an impatient brat because I said he shouldn’t wait 2 fucking weeks for a 20 minute unpatch. Max he would spend it 1hr on it, (both the patches). Synapse devs unpatched in 3 hours and CB is way smarter than them. It’s no hassle for anyone. I just said that he shouldn’t make people wait for 2 weeks for a simple roblox update.

In 2 days, people made 5+ forum posts and some are genuinely considering refunding. What would happen in 2 weeks? I’m literally being helpful and you’re acting like another retard who doesn’t know what’s going on and is simply trying to get involved defending CB when he isn’t being attacked in the first place.

Y’all gotta chill this post is a joke

hit a nerve? >_<

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rcm got updated yay

for real?

why you gotta do me this way :upside_down_face:

It’s fucking pathetic to see someone cry about not being able to cheat on a game made for kids because it’s his only source of income. If you’re above the age of 14, you’re able to get a job. So go do that. Stop fucking crying because “I have tourneys!!” you don’t even play the game the cheat does it for you.

Woah relax. This is a cheating forum so if you have any issues there’s a small little X next to the cheatbuddy tab. As far as RCM is concerned, we both payed 10 bucks for this cheat years ago. Most cheats I know are 10-15 dollars PER DAY. As much as I’d like VIP service and update times it simply doesn’t work like that. Cheatbuddy is probably busy and there’s nothing really we can do. I know many developers who have lost motivation for their cheats and the fact that he has maintained it for years is a feat in itself. I doubt he makes enough for a sustainable income so he is mainly doing it as a service to the community, as a majority of the user base has already bought RCM months or even years ago.

bruh who tf said rcm updated u a dick