RCM Update Conspiracy

As most of you skids know, RCM hasn’t updated for 3 weeks-ish (Not sure how long since I haven’t used it for months but I read the forum and some people told me on discord) My thoughts on this topic are that CheatBuddy made a deal with Roblox just like WeAreDevs did 2 years ago and got 1million+ players banned from Roblox, CheatBuddy probably gave Roblox the RCM database and all the people who have injected RCM in the past 1 Month - 3 Months (Not sure if this is true or not just a theory)


I feel like thats true


Nah I haven’t been banned lol. Cheatbuddy doesnt log usernames either, I asked him about this a long time ago.

I haven’t been banned, stop spouting nonsense.

LMAO the biggest cap

what if its true!!!

bruh wouldn’t you think he would tell us then

A more believable conspiracy theory is that ROBLOX paid cheatbuddy to stop updating… I don’t really think that’s the case though.

i mean not much people use rcm because its paid i think the owner just took a break or maybe is sick