Rcm youtube Livestream?

What would you guys think of me using rcm on a yt livestream most days of the week? it sounds kinda fun

Well, you’d get banned a lot of times, and if people know that you are cheating they’d call you a loser like most salty kids do. But go ahead if you want. lol

I livestream RC-M all the time and I have 23k subs and do just fine on YouTube. Honestly that sounds like a good idea and I would do it if you wanted. What you could do is host a HvH (Hacker vs Hacker) like I do for my RC-M giveaways by hosting a private Roblox server. Cheaters on CS:GO post videos of them hacking all the time against other hackers. YouTube doesn’t seem to bat an eye. You might get some hate from regular players though but that’s normal. If you do one I’d love to hear about it so I can get the community involved.

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please do this. I’ll watch u all the time. Drop ur yt channel too btw?

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sounds dope. Im thinking of starting this tomorrow as I was super busy today with school just starting back up. add me on discord if you do wanna talk more: Despayeeto#4853

Going to start tomorrow hopefully, school just started for me and I have been pretty busy. My YT: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfUmBwsKgmX1ZlJXNe-B6ag/featured?view_as=subscriber

Add me, then I can add you because my discord is glitched and always say my friends are maxed out. @GGsumCake#7272

its saying that I cant add you: https://i.imgur.com/4TKJPZf.png. maybe try and join this server I just made and we can talk there or i can add you and we can talk in dms. https://discord.gg/bcCUEuM

@KermitTheCommie mybad


I put 72 twice :skull:

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