Reader badge seems unobtainable

So i recently saw that the “suggestions/opinions about RC-M” passed 100 replys which would allow me to get the reader badge so i actually went on the thread and read every single reply, like actually all of them and i don’t mean i just scrolled down i read them all cause why not.

Anyways it didn’t give me it even though i spent about 10 minutes scrolling through the whole thread and reading them all lol.


There are some badges that can’t be obtained because they haven’t been setup yet like replying by email, but this is an obtainable badge or at least I think it is

Badges are actually granted every 24 hours. But I can intervene and force the website to award badges before this period. I just checked your profile and it looked like it awarded it to you so you just had to wait

Oh alright, i assumed it would immediately give it to me. My bad. This should be closed or removed now since it is resolved/figured out.