(RELEASE) Simple internal csgo triggerbot source code

Hello, today I am releasing a simple csgo trigger bot source code which I have had lying around on my pc for a while. It is a very simple trigger bot, and there are much better ways to do it. (Like ray-casting)

It is an internal cheat, so you will need a dll injector if you want to use it.

I am releasing dllmain.cpp, and csgo.hpp (hazedumper offsets). There are comments to explain what everything does. All of the functions for the triggerbot are in dllmain.cpp.

If you want to test it out, please don’t try it on vac-secured servers, as you will probably instantly get vac banned. Instead, launch the game with the -insecure flag.

In the source code I have on my pc, I have coded in a function to check if you are scoped in, aswell as a distance finder which will fire bullets faster or slower, relative to their distance.

The reason I am not including them in this dll is because I want you guys to LEARN, and not just copy + paste. If you need any help with re creating those functions, I can help you out, aswell as send over some sample code.
(hint: use m_bIsScoped in csgo.hpp)

Source code

My next goal will probably be making a triggerbot using ray casting and the csgo sdk. I will also upload the source here when I am done with that.

Also, @CheatBuddy, ray casting might be a way you could get wall detection in rcm. I’ll try it out on csgo and send the source over here when I have finished it.

No offense but I don’t need your help.

pretty sure theres way more options than ray casting

it works for roblox?

Lol, I’ll bet you don’t

Yes, but ray casting is the most efficient, and since roblox doesn’t have a function which gets your crosshair status (if your crosshair is on a player or not), ray casting would be the easiest to do in my opinion.

I also thought of a fix to the ghost esp boxes problem (Where when you kill an enemy, sometimes the esp box is still there because of the entity). It has a very simple solution, and that is to just check their health. Cheat buddy has already coded in a function which allows you to disable esp boxes, aswell as locking onto enemies, so making a function which will disable that for players whose health is 0 shouldn’t be hard.

My logic is: if the health is 0, or an insanely high number, then you would just disable the esp box around the player using a function you have already coded in.

You are literally talking about things that are already known. And you are incorrect about roblox not knowing if the crosshair is on a player or not. They do have C functions for that.

Closing the thread.